Biden Repeats Debunked Trump Suckers and Losers Hoax in July 4th Speech

President Joe Biden shamelessly perpetuated the debunked “suckers and losers” hoax about former President Donald Trump during his recent 4th of July address. In a painful stumble at the White House, Biden recycled the baseless claim that Trump disparaged deceased soldiers while visiting a WWI cemetery. Despite the lack of evidence to support this allegation, Biden chose to regurgitate this falsehood to the public.

This isn’t the first time Biden has resorted to spreading this discredited narrative. During a previous debate against Trump, Biden recounted a supposed conversation where Trump referred to fallen soldiers as “losers and suckers.” However, this tale has been thoroughly debunked and traced back to a story published in The Atlantic in 2020. The article alleged that Trump declined a visit to a cemetery due to concerns about his appearance in the rain and made derogatory remarks about fallen marines.

Trump swiftly denounced The Atlantic’s claims as false and damaging to his reputation. He criticized the magazine for fabricating statements that painted him in a negative light regarding the military and deceased soldiers. Despite no concrete evidence supporting the “suckers and losers” narrative, Biden chose to propagate this smear against a former president, further undermining his credibility.

It is concerning that Biden continues to recycle a proven falsehood for political gain. By perpetuating a discredited hoax, he not only diminishes the honor of the military but also shows a willingness to spread misinformation to further his agenda. Conservatives should remain vigilant against such deceitful tactics that seek to tarnish the reputation of a former president unjustly.

Written by Staff Reports

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