Biden Rule Grants ACA Health Coverage to 100,000 DACA Recipients

A new regulation has been published by the Biden administration, permitting Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)-eligible unlawful immigrants to obtain health care coverage via the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This means that federally subsidized health care could potentially be made available to up to 100,000 unauthorized immigrants. Since its inception, DACA has not furnished health care coverage to the approximately 500,000 illegal immigrants it safeguards against deportation and issues work permits. This program was established under the administration of President Obama. DACA recipients may begin enrolling for coverage through Obamacare and state health care marketplaces in November, according to the White House.

According to the White House, Vice President Harris and President Biden both support the notion that health care ought to be a fundamental right rather than a privilege, and they are dedicated to safeguarding and enhancing the Affordable Care Act. Additionally, they asserted that this novel regulation will afford DACA recipients optimism and tranquility. Furthermore, the Biden administration is urging Congress to implement lasting measures to safeguard DACA recipients and establish a legal pathway towards citizenship.

In 2021, a federal judge rendered a decision prohibiting the admission of new illegal immigrants into the DACA program. This ruling was subsequently affirmed by an appeals court. The administration has not provided cost estimates for the additional 100,000 young individuals who would require ACA coverage. Nevertheless, the ultimate regulation promulgated by the Biden administration is anticipated to eliminate for the very first time the prohibition on DACA recipients obtaining Affordable Care Act coverage. Its purpose is to assist DACA recipients in obtaining health insurance.

Vice President Harris and President Biden both contend that health care ought to be regarded as a fundamental right rather than a privilege. Collaboratively, they vowed to safeguard and fortify the Affordable Care Act, thereby reducing expenditures and broadening scope to ensure that each individual in the United States enjoys the tranquilly that health insurance affords. The final rule issued today fulfills the President's pledge by extending the same tranquility and prospects to DACA recipients. Additionally, the administration is requesting that Congress provide Dreamers and others with a path to citizenship. The Biden-Harris Administration has worked to strengthen DACA by codifying the 2012 policy in a final rule and has continued to defend the program against ongoing legal challenges.

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