Biden Sends SEAL Team Six to Save Hostages in Israel: Defying Dems & Crushing Hamas!

Highly trained U.S. military heroes have been dispatched to lend a helping hand to our ally, Israel, in their time of need. With the safety and well-being of over 100 innocent hostages, possibly including Americans, hanging in the balance, our fearless soldiers stand ready to conduct daring rescue operations if the call for action comes.

In a rare moment of clarity, President Joe Biden and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin confirmed that our Special Forces, including the legendary Navy SEAL Team Six and Delta Forces, are strategically positioned just hours away from the heart of the conflict between Israel and the terrorist organization known as Hamas. These courageous warriors have been called upon due to the surprise attack by Hamas over the weekend, which left over 900 Israelis wounded and scarred.

These elite forces, often referred to as “door kickers” for their unmatched expertise in swift and decisive action, are prepared to be deployed at a moment’s notice if all other peaceful avenues fail. They are skilled in the art of hostage rescue, possessing the knowledge and experience necessary to navigate the treacherous terrain and bring our precious countrymen and women back home safely.

President Biden, showing rare signs of leadership, expressed his unwavering commitment to the situation, stating, “I have directed my team to work hand in hand with our Israeli allies on every aspect of this hostage crisis.” This means sharing vital intelligence and deploying experts from across our great nation to provide guidance and expertise to our Israeli counterparts, so they can execute effective hostage recovery strategies.

Tragically, it has been reported that at least 11 Americans lost their lives during the initial invasion by Hamas. These brave souls fell victim to the horrific storming of a music festival, which was captured on amateur video footage that has since circulated online, haunting our televisions and computer screens. Although our government has not officially confirmed the presence of American hostages, grieving families have come forward, pleading for the safe return of their loved ones.

While Hamas continues to show their true colors by threatening to execute these innocent hostages in response to Israel’s efforts to protect its citizens from a wave of merciless bombings, American military officials have rightfully compared the barbarity of Hamas to the savagery displayed by ISIS. The Israeli Defense Minister, not mincing words, has referred to these terrorists as “human animals.” And he couldn’t be more right.

As we face this critical moment, it’s disheartening to hear that Congress remains in disarray, unable to provide the necessary funds to assist Israel in their fight against this evil. But fear not, fellow patriots, as Republicans are diligently working to select a new leader who will champion this cause and support our greatest ally in the Middle East. We cannot allow our friends to stand alone in the face of terrorism.

However, it is deeply troubling to witness the public relations problems faced by President Biden and his Democratic cohorts as they grapple with the radical views of ultra-progressives like Rep. Rashida Tlaib and Rep. Ilhan Omar. These individuals dare to label Israel, a beacon of democracy in a hostile region, as an “apartheid state.” Even more disturbing is their refusal to denounce the killing of innocent children. It is a shame that some members of Congress choose to prioritize their own agenda over the safety and security of our greatest ally.

In this critical time, let us stand united in support of our brave soldiers who are stationed overseas, prepared to risk their lives for the sake of freedom and justice. May our prayers be heard, and may the hostages come home safely, their captors brought to justice. God bless our military, and God bless America.

Written by Staff Reports

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