Biden Sweats as House Probes Ramp Up Sans Speaker!

Republicans in Congress are still looking into things, even though there isn't a House speaker yet, according to people who are close to the probes. One of the panels looking into President Joe Biden's impeachment, the House Oversight Committee, has said that its work will go on as usual. The committee's main job is to look into claims that President Biden abused his power to get money for himself while he was vice president.

As part of their investigation, the committee has asked President Biden's son Hunter and his brother James for personal financial details. Some people are worried that the subpoenas might not be as important without the House working, but an attorney involved in the investigations said that these worries were unfounded and that the subpoena process would go on as planned.

Now the race is on to find someone to take Rep. Kevin McCarthy's place as House speaker. Majority Leader Steve Scalise and Chairman of the Judiciary Committee Jim Jordan are early favourites to be speaker. Along with James Comer, Chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, Jordan has been a key player in leading the major investigations.

Jordan has been looking into whether an FBI agent helped hide the story about Hunter Biden's laptop. He is also looking into whether the Justice Department gave Hunter Biden special treatment during the investigation. Even though the House doesn't have a speaker yet, Republicans who are working on the investigations are hopeful that the impeachment and other investigations will move faster now that there is new leadership.

From this story, it's clear that Republicans want to use their investigations to hold President Biden responsible for any wrongdoing. These people are driven to find any possible wrongdoing and make sure the truth comes out. The people of the United States deserve leaders who are open and honest, and these reviews are a key part of that process.

Since these probes will go on, it shows how committed Republicans in Congress are to doing their job for the people of the United States. Keeping these studies going without stopping is very important, and it's good to know that they will keep going.

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