Biden’s 2023 Deluge: Migrant Flow to Rival US Birth Rate!

President Joe Biden’s administration has allowed a significant number of economic migrants to enter the United States, surpassing the number of American newborns and high-school graduates in the past year. Federal data released on October 21 revealed that over 4 million economic migrants crossed the southern border during the government’s October-to-September budget year. In contrast, the Census Bureau reported that 3.67 million Americans were born during the same 12-month period in 2022, including approximately 400,000 births to illegal migrants.

This influx of migrants not only puts economic pressure on Americans but also creates tough competition for the 3 million American youths who graduated from school in the 10 months leading up to October 2022. The New York Times reported on August 17 that the rising number of evicted and homeless Americans has forced them to live in their vehicles. These Americans, who work hard and even earn over $72,000 a year, are being priced out of their apartments due to the high housing costs caused by the rapid influx of migrants.

While ordinary Americans struggle, many migrants are being swiftly placed into American housing by government-funded and progressive groups that prioritize the interests of migrants over those of Americans. This discrepancy in treatment is causing a growing divide, where the needs of ordinary Americans are being ignored.

Under President Biden’s administration, the southern border has seen an unprecedented inflow of migrants, with over 2.6 million entering in 2023 alone. This number does not even include the annual influx of legal immigrants and visa workers. If these additional migrants are included, it becomes clear that Biden has imported two migrants for every American newborn.

Furthermore, this level of migration is significantly higher than the numbers seen during President Donald Trump’s tenure. The inflow during Trump’s last year in office was a mere 151,000, while under Biden, it has jumped to 2.6 million. The migrants arriving at the southern border come from various countries worldwide, including China, India, the Philippines, Turkey, and even Angola, Cameroon, and the Congo. This mass migration also includes single men, women and children, and even unaccompanied minors who often end up in dangerous situations, such as taking perilous jobs or being forced into prostitution.

The Biden administration is requesting $14 billion to facilitate the settlement of even more migrants in American communities. This continued influx of migrants has led to skyrocketing housing costs, making it increasingly difficult for Americans to afford homes. Polls and survey data consistently show that a majority of Americans recognize the detrimental effects of immigration on their lives. Wages have also been negatively impacted, leading to falling incomes for many Americans.

The ongoing high levels of migration reflect a flawed economic policy known as Extraction Migration, where needy countries are exploited for their resources, while imported workers fuel economic growth for Wall Street and wealthy investors. This policy has contributed to the stagnation of wages and the loss of employment opportunities for native-born Americans. Furthermore, it diminishes the political influence of ordinary Americans, allowing the establishment to disregard their needs and interests.

Border chief Alejandro Mayorkas, a pro-migration advocate, is focused on delivering workers to wealthy employers and investors, while prioritizing the interests of poor foreigners. This approach is at odds with the opinions of swing voters, with a majority of Americans, including independents, agreeing that immigration under President Biden has made life harder for everyone. It is important to address the negative impact of mass migration on American citizens and prioritize their needs above all else.

Written by Staff Reports

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