Biden’s $320 Million Gaza Pier Fiasco Drains Resources, Fails Mission

Looks like the Biden administration’s misguided spending spree has hit another bump in the road. The latest boondoggle? A $320 million floating pier off the Gaza Strip, designed to deliver “vital humanitarian aid” to the Palestinian enclave. House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mike Rogers, a sensible Republican from Alabama, has called for an immediate shutdown of this wasteful project.

Joe Biden’s brainchild, known officially as the Joint Logistics Over-the-Shore (JLOTS), was supposed to be a beacon of benevolence. Instead, it’s become a beacon of bureaucratic bungle. Diverting military personnel and assets from critical missions in the Central Command area of responsibility has proven to be as successful as a screen door on a submarine. With over 150 attacks on U.S. service members since October 7, one wonders if this is the best time to play humanitarian hero.

The notorious pier has been more of a floating disaster than a functional piece of engineering. Savage storms and rough seas have done quite the number on it, causing sections to break apart and wash up on the beach like so much taxpayer-funded driftwood. This is yet another example of the left’s inability to manage anything that requires practical, results-oriented thinking.

Chairman Rogers highlighted that, during its first three weeks of sputtering operation, the pier moved a measly 10 trucks a day into Gaza. Contrast that with the Defense Department’s hot-air predictions of 150 trucks daily, and it’s clear the Biden administration’s wishful thinking has hit the rocks. By June 19, the pier had slogged through only 10 days of actual operation, moving just 3,415 metric tons onto the beach—a quantity labeled as “negligible” by a think tank. This think tank clearly knows the difference between grand plans and groundless promises.

The Republican-led House points out that they’ve already bolstered the annual defense authorization bill with amendments aimed at choking off further funding for this doomed project. It’s high time the administration heeded the advice of Chairman Rogers and pulled the plug before this floating fiasco engulfs more taxpayer dollars. There are better ways to deliver humanitarian aid that don’t involve using our military as a glorified delivery service in hostile, storm-ravaged waters.

Written by Staff Reports

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