New England Border Crisis Worsens Under Biden Administration

The once tranquil New England borderlands have now transformed into a hotbed of illegal immigration. The Biden administration’s ineptitude has turned a sleepy region into a busy thoroughfare for border crossers from no less than 85 countries. Let that sink in—illegal immigrants from 85 different nations have been apprehended attempting to sneak into the United States since last fall.

Border Patrol agents in New Hampshire, Vermont, and eastern upstate New York have been working overtime. More illegal immigrants were intercepted in the first eight months of this fiscal year than in the previous 11 years combined. And if you think that’s astonishing, in May alone, 2,900 illegal immigrants were caught—nearly tripling the total number for all of 2022. This is a clear result of lax policies and careless oversight.

It’s not just about numbers; even the territories these agents cover are incredible. The Swanton Sector, spanning roughly 300 miles of the 4,000-mile U.S.-Canada border, might as well be a giant welcome mat thanks to the astonishing incompetence on display. Without the towering steel walls and advanced surveillance technology found at the southern border, agents in Swanton rely on snowmobiles during the unforgiving winters, often in negative double-digit temperatures, to chase down border crossers. It’s like trying to catch water with a sieve.

Earlier this spring, some level-headed lawmakers decided enough was enough. Northern Border Security Caucus co-Chairmen Mike Kelly and Ryan Zinke, along with House Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik, laid the blame squarely at the Biden administration’s feet. Their letter called the surge in border crossings “symptomatic of your broader failure to secure the border,” a sentiment that couldn’t be clearer. This administration has left the gate wide open, and now everyone from everywhere is trying to squeeze in.

With the warmer months ahead, the numbers are expected to rise. It’s a seasonal nightmare that will only get worse. Winter arrests were alarming enough; the thought of what might happen as temperatures climb is unsettling. The lack of effective barriers and surveillance on this stretch of the border turns it into an open invitation for those looking to bypass the system.

One can only imagine how much smoother things would run if real, enforceable policies were implemented. Without that, the Swanton Sector will continue breaking records in all the wrong ways. Washington must wake up before this surge of illegal entries becomes the norm. Without meaningful action, America should brace itself for even more unwelcome surprises from the North.

Written by Staff Reports

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