Biden’s $750M Philly “Gift”: Green Gimmick or Real Solution?

President Joe Biden, a self-proclaimed fan of Philly, made his fifteenth visit to the city since taking office. This time, he came bearing gifts in the form of a massive $750 million check for a new hydrogen network. Now, you might wonder why a city needs a hydrogen network, but fear not, it’s all about green energy and saving the planet or something.

Philadelphia, being the sixth-largest city in the U.S., can now bask in the glory of this generous donation. Approximately 1.6 million people will benefit from this clean energy source. Isn’t it just lovely when the federal government decides how to spend your hard-earned tax dollars on green schemes that might have little impact on your daily life? Ah, democracy at its finest.

According to President Biden, this hydrogen energy network will create union jobs, boost U.S. energy security, and help the country achieve its zero emissions goals. He even called it “transformational.” Well, it better be, considering it’s costing a whopping $7 billion. It’s incredible how President Biden always manages to find creative ways to spend our money.

In his speech, Biden proclaimed that he wants to get this country back on its feet while simultaneously battling the “existential threat” of climate change. It seems like he’s single-handedly saving the world, doesn’t it? Meanwhile, those of us who dare to question the efficacy of his plans are labeled as climate change deniers or worse.

The hydrogen hub will cover 17 sites in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, and South Jersey. Philadelphia Gas Works and the former Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery are among the chosen locations. But don’t worry, folks, it’s not just Philly that gets to join the party. Western Pennsylvania will also have its own hub using abandoned mines to produce advanced batteries. Who says abandoned mines can’t be put to good use?

Of course, this whole endeavor is not just about green energy; it’s about bringing back manufacturing to the U.S. Yet another promise from the Biden administration. We’ve heard it all before, haven’t we? It’s a desperate attempt to reverse the lowest poll numbers of his presidency, distract from the flailing economy, and make himself appear like less of a failure. But let’s face it, one shiny hydrogen network won’t solve all our problems.

We have to question the exorbitant amount of money being thrown at these questionable green energy initiatives. We’d much rather see that money invested in more immediate and tangible solutions for the American people. But alas, President Biden has his own agenda, and apparently, it involves hydrogen and impressive-sounding promises. Let’s hope the American people see through this charade and demand less talk and more action.

Written by Staff Reports

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