Biden’s Blunder: Is US & Israeli Blood on His Hands?

In a shocking display of incompetence, it appears that the Biden administration’s focus on climate change may have contributed to the intelligence failures that allowed Hamas to carry out its brutal terrorist attack against Israel. While Hamas was busy plotting its assault, the intelligence community was busy ramping up efforts to combat climate change. It’s clear that President Biden’s misguided priorities have consequences, and in this case, it cost the lives of innocent men, women, and children.

It’s no surprise that Joe Biden is failing on the international stage. Throughout his long and checkered career, he has proven time and time again that he is ill-equipped to handle the complexities of foreign affairs. From his disastrous decisions in Afghanistan to his weak stance on China, Biden’s track record speaks for itself. And now, his obsession with climate change has further diverted attention away from real security threats, allowing Hamas to slip through the cracks.

The addition of a climate scientist to Biden’s Intelligence Advisory Board and the executive orders focusing on climate change clearly show where his priorities lie. While it’s important to address environmental issues, it should never come at the expense of national security. The intelligence community should be fully focused on identifying and preventing terrorist attacks, not discussing carbon emissions.

It’s concerning that the same analytical people who failed to connect the dots on Hamas’s attack are the ones who perpetuated the Russian collusion hoax. This pattern of incompetence and political bias within the intelligence community is deeply troubling. It’s time for a realignment of priorities and a recommitment to keeping the American people safe.

Overall, this intelligence failure is a clear result of the Biden administration’s misplaced priorities and lack of focus on real security threats. It’s time for Joe Biden to wake up and start taking the safety and security of the American people seriously. Lives are at stake, and it’s not something that can be ignored for the sake of virtue signaling on climate change.

Written by Staff Reports

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