Biden’s Blunders: Dodges Blame, Mishandles Secrets

President Joe Biden’s recent press conference took an interesting turn as he attempted to defend himself against the findings of special counsel Robert Hur’s report. However, it seems like President Biden didn’t quite get his facts straight. The report stated that Biden did indeed share classified information from his notebooks with a biographer, contradicting his claim that he never shared such information. 

Biden also tried to shift the blame onto his staff, claiming that they moved some of the documents to his properties without his knowledge. Sorry, Mr. President, but that excuse just doesn’t fly. The report clearly indicated that Biden discussed classified information while he was a private citizen, and it’s highly unlikely that his staff was responsible for that.

And let’s not forget about the classified documents that were found in the garage of Biden’s Wilmington home. Despite Biden’s assertion that everything was locked up and secure, the special counsel’s report revealed that the box containing these documents was torn and in plain sight. 

It’s truly astounding to see the lengths that President Biden will go to deflect blame and avoid taking responsibility for his actions. This is just another example of the lack of transparency and accountability that has become all too common in this administration. 

It’s crucial that we hold our leaders accountable, regardless of political affiliation. President Biden’s disregard for classified information and his attempts to mislead the public should be deeply concerning to all Americans. We need a president who values the truth and who will uphold the highest standards of integrity. Unfortunately, it seems like that’s not the case with Joe Biden.


Written by Staff Reports

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