Biden’s Bold Warning to Iran: “Don’t Even Try It”

In a recent interview with 60 Minutes, President Biden showcased his expertise on foreign policy issues, discussing the ongoing conflicts in the Gaza Strip and Ukraine. When questioned about a potential attack on Israel’s border by Iran-backed Hezbollah militants, Biden confidently responded with a resounding “don’t… don’t, don’t, don’t.”

The President firmly expressed his belief in the United States’ capacity to financially support conflicts in both Ukraine and Israel indefinitely. He brushed off any suggestion that these simultaneous wars might be too much for the country to handle. Biden emphasized, “No, we’re the United States of America for god’s sake! We’re the most powerful nation not only in the world but the history of the world. We can take care of both and still maintain our overall national defense.”

Addressing the recent Hamas-led attacks that have resulted in the deaths of over 1,300 Israelis and the capture of many more by terrorists, Biden dismissed the need for U.S. troops to engage in ground combat. Trusting the military capabilities of Israel, he asserted, “Israel has one of the finest fighting forces in the country.” The president cautioned against a potential Israeli ground invasion, stating it would be a mistake to occupy Gaza again. According to him, the focus should be on eliminating the extremists within Hamas while acknowledging that they don’t represent all Palestinians.

When questioned about a possible attack on Israel by Hezbollah and Iran, Biden’s message was clear: “don’t… don’t, don’t, don’t.” He emphasized that it would be wise for Iran and their proxy not to escalate the conflict further. President Biden understands the risks involved and the potential consequences of provoking a powerful nation like the United States.

As a conservative Republican, it’s refreshing to see President Biden demonstrate a strong stance on national defense and his commitment to supporting America’s allies, such as Israel. The confidence he exudes in our military capabilities reaffirms the conservative belief that the United States is a force to be reckoned with on the world stage. With President Biden at the helm, it’s clear that our national security is in capable hands, and he will not hesitate to defend our interests against any threat, whether it’s Iran, Hezbollah, or Hamas.

Written by Staff Reports

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