Support Skyrockets: House Conservatives Rally Behind Jim Jordan!

House conservatives are putting the pressure on temporary House Speaker Patrick McHenry to schedule a vote for a permanent replacement for former Speaker Kevin McCarthy. The nomination for Speaker was secured by Jim Jordan during a closed-door session last week, but some moderate Republicans are working with Democrats to try and make a power-sharing deal.

Representative Anna Paulina Luna of Florida didn’t hold back her thoughts on the matter. She challenged her colleagues on Twitter, saying, “You guys want to go 15 rounds? Fine. Let’s do it. On the floor. For the country to see. This Monday.” Luna is clearly frustrated with the delay in voting for Jordan as Speaker and has been receiving inquiries from her constituents.

Congressman Ronny Jackson of Texas is also on board with Jordan, stating, “The American people have waited for YEARS to have a conservative Speaker, and this is our shot to get one. I stand with Jim.” Representative Byron Donalds of Florida echoed this sentiment, saying, “Our voters want Jim, I’m with Jim, the House is ready for Jim, America NEEDS Jim.”

Support for Jordan seems to be growing, with Rep. Austin Scott of Georgia, who initially received votes from Republicans who were unhappy with McCarthy’s removal, endorsing Jordan and encouraging his colleagues to do the same. Even McCarthy himself, the former Speaker, has thrown his support behind Jordan, believing that he can get the necessary votes.

However, while support for Jordan is increasing, some Republicans are reaching out to Democrat House leader Hakeem Jeffries to explore a power-sharing agreement. Jeffries is emphasizing the need to put people over politics and find a bipartisan path forward. Leading this group of Republicans is Rep. Mike Rogers of Alabama, but there are others who have not yet given their support to Jordan.

Written by Staff Reports

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