Biden’s Border Cover-Up: GOP Exposes Dark Criminal Secrets

House Republicans demand Biden administration release files on illegal immigrants linked to heinous crimes, such as murder. The Health and Human Services Department is playing games, refusing to share critical information, prompting a subpoena from GOP hero, House Judiciary Committee chairman Jim Jordan. In a fiery letter to HHS secretary Xavier Becerra, Jordan doubles down on his request for details about unaccompanied alien children who committed appalling crimes under their watch.

The Biden administration is caught red-handed, trying to cover up the dark truth about these criminal aliens by withholding vital case files. Health and Human Services, tasked with caring for these unaccompanied minors, is obstructing justice and ignoring Congress’ rightful oversight. Jordan rightly calls out the agency for undermining the separation of powers and obstructing vital information from reaching the hands of legislators trying to do their job.

Despite the committee’s efforts to work in good faith, they are met with shady redactions and blatant cover-ups in the documents provided by HHS. Whole pages are blacked out, hiding crucial details about violent incidents involving migrants and their possible gang affiliations. This deliberate obfuscation only serves to protect the Biden administration from accountability and shields their failed immigration policies from public scrutiny.

The Biden team’s defiant stance, deflecting blame onto Republicans for their own border crisis, is shameless. Instead of taking responsibility for their lax immigration enforcement that led to these horrific crimes, they point fingers at those seeking transparency and justice. Biden’s feeble excuse of a “broken system” fools no one, as his administration’s incompetence and lack of decisive action continue to fuel chaos at the border.

It’s time for Biden and his cronies to stop evading responsibility and start prioritizing the safety and security of American citizens. The media may finally be acknowledging the crisis at the border, but it’s up to Republicans like Jordan to hold the administration’s feet to the fire and demand accountability. Voters see through the lies and excuses – it’s high time for Biden to own up to the mess he’s created and start putting America first.

Written by Staff Reports

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