Biden’s Delusion: Mideast “Quieter” While Israel Faces Terror Attacks

In a striking example of misjudgment, Jake Sullivan, Biden's National Security Advisor, asserted that the Middle East is currently "calmer" than it has been in the past two decades. It's almost farcical to witness how disconnected the Biden administration appears to be from the prevailing reality. Merely a week later, the region teeters on the brink of widespread conflict due to persistent terrorist attacks targeting Israeli civilians.

Sullivan had the audacity to highlight what he referred to as a truce in Yemen and a temporary cessation of Iranian assaults on U.S. forces. However, his remarks have proven to be premature. Over 250 innocent Israeli civilians have tragically lost their lives, with dozens more taken hostage by jihadists who infiltrated Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip. This unambiguous act of aggression demands immediate attention.

While Israeli cities faced relentless rocket attacks, these Islamist terrorists executed a gruesome assault on Israeli settlements, specifically targeting innocent civilians in their homes and vehicles. The audacity displayed by these terrorists knows no bounds. Yet, Sullivan had the audacity to assert that the Middle East was experiencing unprecedented stability.

The situation escalated so rapidly that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had no alternative but to mobilize thousands of reservists and declare the nation to be at war. This is the harsh reality of the Middle East, which the Biden administration either seems hesitant or unable to grasp.

But the troubling developments do not end there. Dozens of Israeli civilians and soldiers have been abducted and taken to the Gaza Strip, a blatant violation of international law. These jihadists exhibit a complete disregard for human life and basic decency. In a particularly gruesome incident, a German woman was mercilessly slain, stripped of her clothing, and paraded through Palestinian territory. This represents the true nature of the adversaries we confront in the Middle East.

Jihadist groups throughout the Arab world are celebrating these attacks and heaping praise on the terrorists. It serves as a stark reminder that our adversaries derive strength from perceived weakness. Yet, the Biden administration persists in downplaying the gravity of the situation.

In response to these unwarranted attacks, the Israeli Defense Forces have been compelled to prepare for potential incursions from Iranian-backed Hezbollah militias along the country's border with Lebanon. This escalation is perilous, endangering not only Israel's security but also the stability of the entire region.

It's evident that the Biden administration's assessment of the Middle East is disengaged from reality. Their assertions of stability and peace appear absurd in the face of such blatant aggression and violence. The time has come for leaders who comprehend the threats we confront and are prepared to stand with our allies. The security of American citizens and the stability of the Middle East hinge on such leadership.


Written by Staff Reports

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