Biden’s DOJ Crumbles: Boynton’s Web of Conflicts Exposed

In a shocking revelation, Brian Boynton, the head of the Civil Division at President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ), has been caught up in a web of potential conflicts of interest due to his previous ties to influential corporations. Boynton, with a laundry list of wealthy clients under his belt from his time at the law firm WilmerHale, including the likes of Northrop Grumman, Moderna, the University of Phoenix, Disney, and the Democratic National Committee, now finds himself at the center of controversy.

The fact that Boynton’s name appeared on a court filing involving for-profit schools, where he had previously worked on behalf of such corporations, raises eyebrows. It’s concerning that despite being recused from cases involving former clients for a two-year period, Boynton’s name mysteriously continues to pop up alongside companies like Northrop Grumman, leaving many wondering about the extent of his involvement.

It is worrisome to see Boynton’s name linked to cases where there is a potential conflict of interest, such as advocating for immunity for pharmaceutical companies like Moderna during the COVID-19 pandemic. The DOJ’s move to bail out Moderna, a billion-dollar biotech company, by having the federal government assume liability in a patent infringement case further fuels suspicions of favoritism towards big corporations.

The allegations of conflict of interest surrounding Boynton and the DOJ’s actions in these cases cannot be ignored. The attempt to retract an article by The American Prospect, which outlined these concerns, raises questions about transparency and accountability within the department. It is crucial for public officials like Boynton to uphold the highest ethical standards and avoid any appearance of impropriety in their dealings.

The tangled web of connections between Boynton, his former clients, and the DOJ highlights the need for greater scrutiny and accountability in government. It is imperative that those in positions of power prioritize the public interest above all else and refrain from actions that may compromise their integrity. The American people deserve officials who act ethically and transparently, without being swayed by special interests or personal gain.

Written by Staff Reports

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