Biden’s Ex Aide Caught in Hypocrisy Hysteria!

Are you ready for the latest episode of political hypocrisy? Get ready to roll your eyes and shake your head at the shamelessness of the left. Erica Ciaramella, a former employee of Joe Biden, has blown the whistle on President Trump for something that her ex-boss, Biden, has also been caught doing. 

Ciaramella claims to have “exposed” Trump for doing something that Biden has also been accused of. It’s pure hypocrisy and it’s no surprise coming from someone who once worked for a career politician like Biden. They must think the American people have a short memory or are just plain gullible if they believe we won’t see straight through their double standards.

This is just another example of the swamp creatures trying to take down President Trump with their dirty tricks and shady tactics. But the American people are wise to their game. We see through their charades and we won’t be swayed by their desperate attempts to undermine our duly elected leader. Keep shining a light on their hypocrisy and don’t let them get away with their two-faced antics.

Written by Staff Reports

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