Biden’s Iran-Linked Pentagon Official Exposed: Admin Sweeps It Under Rug!

It seems like the Biden administration is back at it again, avoiding any responsibility or accountability for their questionable actions. This time, it’s about a senior Pentagon official who allegedly has close ties to the Iranian regime. And you won’t believe the lengths the administration has gone to keep this under wraps.

Meet Ariane Tabatabai, who currently serves as the chief of staff to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict. According to reports, Tabatabai has been involved with an Iranian program to influence opinion in favor of Tehran. Can you believe that? A Pentagon official actively working to support a regime that poses a threat to the United States and its interests.

Now, members of Congress are demanding answers. More than thirty senators have signed a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, calling for details on how someone like Tabatabai ended up in such a sensitive position. They rightfully point out that it is “simply unconscionable” for a senior official to hold such a role despite alleged participation in an Iranian government information operation.

But the Biden administration is doing what it does best – dodging questions and dismissing concerns. When allegations were first raised about Tabatabai’s ties to Iran, the administration brushed them off as “smears and slander.” Can you believe that? Instead of taking these serious allegations seriously, they chose to protect their own and ignore potential national security risks.

And let’s not forget the ongoing threats posed by Iran. They continue to target U.S. military personnel in the Middle East and have even attempted to assassinate American citizens on American soil. With all this in mind, it is truly outrageous that someone like Tabatabai is allowed to hold a sensitive position within the Department of Defense.

The senators have outlined several important questions that need to be answered. They want to know when the Department of Defense learned about Tabatabai’s involvement with the Iranian government, when she was granted security clearance, and whether her clearance has been subjected to periodic review. These are all valid concerns that deserve immediate attention.

But so far, the Biden administration has been ignoring lawmakers’ inquiries. They have failed to respond to letters from the House Armed Services Committee, and it’s unclear whether they will take this latest letter from the senators seriously. It’s a pattern of secrecy and cover-up that is deeply concerning.

Even if Tabatabai had limited access to sensitive information, the fact that the Biden administration is trying to hide the truth only raises more red flags. It’s time for Secretary Austin and the Department of Defense to come clean and provide the answers the American people deserve. Oversight and accountability must be carried out to ensure the safety and security of our nation. We can’t afford to let this slide.

Written by Staff Reports

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