Cornel West Rocks 2024 Election: Biden vs Green Party Showdown!

There's a new person in the race for the presidency, Cornel West. He's not a member of the two main parties, and he's causing quite a stir. People are paying more attention to him than to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is also running independently.

One reason why Cornel West is getting more attention is because he's a black candidate, and black voters, especially black women, are important for the Democratic party. This means he might get more support from them compared to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is white. But don't forget, Kennedy Jr. comes from a famous political family, so he's not completely unknown.

Cornel West is running as a Green Party candidate, and he has some big ideas. He wants to forgive all student debt, change how we vote, put limits on how long people can stay in Congress, and make sure everyone has healthcare. He also wants to deal with big tech companies and get rid of NATO, a military alliance. That's a lot of things to work on!

Even some Republicans think that Cornel West and the Green Party are a bigger challenge than Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The Green Party candidate in the 2016 election affected Hillary Clinton's chances, and they worry history could repeat itself. While Kennedy Jr. has a famous name, West seems to have a better team supporting his campaign. That could make a big difference in the 2024 election.

Democratic strategists also have doubts about Kennedy Jr.'s chances as an independent. He doesn't have a clear group of supporters or a lot of money behind him. On the other hand, the Biden campaign might try to use the Kennedy family's name to get more support, maybe even by featuring JFK's daughter, Caroline, in their ads. But will that be enough?

A poll shows that many Republican voters, as well as Democrats and Independents, think we need a third political party. They don't feel that the two main options represent the American people well. This growing desire for a third-party choice could work in Cornel West's favor. While Robert F. Kennedy Jr. might get attention for his stance on vaccine mandates, it's still uncertain if he can build a strong following and compete with someone like West, who has clear ideas and a strong team behind him.

Written by Staff Reports

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