Fiery NY Judge Loses It Over Trump Case, Deems It ‘Ridiculous’!

Former President Donald Trump's civil trial in New York took an intense turn during its third day, with Judge Arthur Engoron delivering a fiery outburst. Judge Engoron expressed frustration with Trump's legal team, accusing them of wasting the court's time and playing to an imaginary jury. This incident occurred while questioning a former accountant for the Trump Organization, who was called as a witness by the prosecution.

In response to the line of questioning from Trump's attorneys, Judge Engoron lost his composure, shouting, "This is ridiculous!" He pounded the bench to emphasize his point and scolded the defense team for attempting to engage the witness in a detailed year-by-year accounting of his books. The judge reminded them that the witness, Donald Bender, was not the one on trial and urged them to move forward.

Trump's attorney, Jesus Suarez, was trying to understand why Bender seemed to remember only information favorable to the prosecution led by New York Attorney General Letitia James. Suarez's colleague, Christopher Kise, argued that they needed to thoroughly review Bender's work, claiming they had to "examine the evidence." Tensions escalated when Trump's defense team accused Bender of having a poor memory and not providing helpful answers.

Growing weary of the theatrics, Judge Engoron questioned Kise's intentions, asking, "Who are you addressing? Me, the press, or the audience?" Kise responded, noting that there was no jury, leaving him uncertain about the intended audience for their performance.

Throughout the trial, former President Trump has made his presence felt, speaking with the media outside the courthouse before entering. He has criticized the case against him as a "witch hunt" and believes it is rigged. According to him, this trial marks the beginning of the "communism" he claims is taking hold in the country. President Trump's dedicated supporters have rallied behind him, viewing his ongoing prosecution as a testament to his strength and resilience.

As in previous legal battles faced by Trump, the conduct of the judges involved has come under close scrutiny from his supporters. Judge Engoron drew criticism from Trump's base when he appeared to be smirking and playing to the cameras on the trial's first day. This behavior has fueled anger among those who believe the judiciary is biased against Trump, echoing the criticism President Trump received during his federal trials under an Obama-appointed judge.

President Trump has pleaded not guilty in New York, Georgia, and several federal cases, facing a total of 91 counts and a potential prison sentence of over 100 years if convicted. Despite these ongoing legal challenges, Trump's prosecution has only strengthened his devoted MAGA base, leading to speculation that he may be the frontrunner for the GOP presidential nomination next year.

Written by Staff Reports

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