Biden’s Memory Meltdown: Forgets Son, Bungles Classified Info

In the wake of the bombshell Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report exposing Joe Biden’s utter mishandling of classified information, it has been revealed that the President is apparently suffering from severe memory loss – conveniently forgetting key details and even the timing of his own son’s tragic passing. What’s more, the Biden White House is engaged in a de facto war with the Justice Department, where the President’s aides are fretting over the devastating impact of the Hur report on the administration.

According to Axios, President Biden’s memory lapses have now reached the point where he cannot even recall the timeline of his vice presidency. This shocking revelation adds a new chapter to the ever-growing list of Biden’s hypocrisy. Despite his own failings, Biden has shamelessly lashed out at Attorney General Merrick Garland for appointing special counsels to investigate him and his family’s shady activities.

Politico has further detailed Biden’s increasing resentment towards Attorney General Garland for simply carrying out his duties impartially, as he should. Garland rightfully appointed special counsels to probe into the President’s mishandling of sensitive materials, which were carelessly left in multiple unsecured locations, showing blatant disregard for national security.

Moreover, reports indicate how Biden privately expressed frustration over the length of the investigation into his troubled son, Hunter Biden, even going so far as to suggest that the stress could trigger a downward spiral back into addiction for Hunter. Such concerns, however, seem to stem from Biden’s own guilt and negligence rather than genuine worry for his son’s well-being.

Biden’s complaints about Garland’s handling of the Trump investigations also reveal his blatant desire to weaponize the Justice Department for his own political gain. It’s clear that Biden was banking on using Trump’s prosecutions to bolster his chances of re-election. However, his hopes were dashed when Garland upheld the Department’s integrity and followed due process, much to Biden’s dismay.

As if this wasn’t enough, there are alarming allegations that Garland interfered in the IRS probe into Hunter Biden’s tax issues, raising serious questions about his commitment to impartiality and truthfulness before Congress.

This festering internal conflict further exposes the Democrats’ thirst for politicization within the Justice Department. It’s alarming to witness such blatant attempts to subvert the rule of law for political gain within the highest echelons of power.

In the midst of this chaos, it’s becoming increasingly clear that President Biden is ill-equipped to navigate these stormy waters. With his presidency plagued by memory lapses, mishandling of classified information, and now, internal strife with the Justice Department, it’s evident that Biden is struggling to keep his administration afloat.

With the fading Jan. 6 committee and a floundering economy, it’s clear that Biden’s grip on power is slipping, leaving his administration in disarray. It’s a troubling state of affairs when the highest office in the land is marred by incompetence and political maneuvering that poses a threat to the very foundation of the justice system.

Written by Staff Reports

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