Biden’s Stumbles, Trump’s Stamina: 2024 Contenders’ Age Crisis Exposed!

Political commentator Megyn Kelly recently expressed her apprehension about the age of Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden in the 2024 race. She highlighted the possibility of both candidates dying before they could complete their terms, leaving the country without a President. Trump would be 82, and Biden would be 86 by the end of a second term, posing grave risks for the country. Kelly expressed her concerns on her podcast while also questioning Republican Sen. Tim Scott’s chances of winning the nomination.

Joe Biden has a history of falling over his feet and having difficulty getting through public speeches, which raises concerns over his declining cognitive health and his ability to maintain a second term. Reports suggest that President Biden’s workload is limited to just 30 hours a week, making it challenging to schedule public or private events during certain times; mostly on weekends, mornings, and evenings.

Meanwhile, despite his age, Donald Trump is predictable and likely mentally fit to serve another term in D.C. In contrast to Biden, Trump has been tested cognitively, passing an exam with 30 to 35 questions in 2020. In a recent NPR/PBS News Hour/Marist poll, over 60% of participants revealed that they were concerned about Biden’s mental fitness, while 51% expressed the same worry about Trump’s mental acuity.

As these concerns continue to grow, Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has launched his Presidential campaign, bringing fresh blood to the race that could appeal to a younger generation while challenging Biden’s radical agenda. As the country struggles to recover, the hope is that new leadership and new ideas will emerge to get America back on track.

Written by Staff Reports

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