Biden’s Team Launches ‘Operation Bubble Wrap’ To Shield Candidate Pre-Election!

A recent report from The New York Times (NYT) unveils a strategy termed the "bubble wrap" operation, initiated by allies close to President Joe Biden. The primary objective of this strategy, as the 81-year-old president approaches the 2024 election, is to prioritize his safety and minimize any potential incidents that could adversely impact his candidacy.

While some within the Biden administration argue against a perception of distrust by implementing such protective measures, others contend that a more cautious approach is necessary. The "bubble wrap" strategy suggests limitations on long international trips for Biden, allowing him more rest to mitigate the risk of accidents or viral incidents.

Political analyst John B. Judis discusses the challenge Biden's age poses to his image, particularly among younger voters who may be more concerned about his demeanor than his political positions. Judis notes that Biden's best chance to address this issue lies in contrasting himself with the perceived image of former President Donald Trump as a disruptive figure.

The report underscores the widespread concerns about Biden's age among the American public. A September survey revealed that 77 percent of Americans expressed apprehension about Biden's age. A New York Times/Siena College poll further indicated that significant percentages of voters in battleground states and even Democrats believe Biden is "too old" for the presidency. Despite these concerns, the White House remains focused on emphasizing Biden's track record and accomplishments.

Strategists anticipate that concerns about Biden's stamina may diminish as he engages more with Donald Trump. They advocate for Biden to concentrate on public service and leverage his relationships to alleviate worries. White House Communications Director Ben LaBolt defends Biden's capabilities, citing his extensive experience and legislative achievements.

As the 2024 election approaches, the effectiveness of the "bubble wrap" strategy in preserving Biden's image and addressing concerns about his age remains uncertain. However, allies are resolute in their commitment to ensuring a smooth and incident-free campaign for the president.






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