Bus Crash in St. Petersburg Kills Seven, Driver Detained After Long Shift

At least seven people tragically lost their lives in St. Petersburg, Russia when a bus crashed into multiple vehicles and ended up in a river on Friday, according to reports. A video caught by a nearby security camera showed the bus running out of control as it hit a retaining wall and made a sharp turn before going over a bridge and into the water in less than 10 seconds. The incident occurred in the central part of Russia’s second-largest city, the Washington Post reported.

Initial reports stated that three people were killed instantly, with the death toll ultimately climbing to seven by late Friday. The bus, which was carrying at least 15 people, submerged in the Moika River, while six passengers managed to swim to the river bank on their own.

The driver of the bus was reportedly detained by police after the crash. His wife claimed he had worked a 20-hour shift the day before and had started another shift on Friday morning. The driver faces potential criminal charges and up to seven years in prison if convicted, according to the Moscow Times. The incident is under criminal investigation due to the apparent negligence leading to multiple deaths.

A court in St. Petersburg promptly fined the bus’s owner 400,000 rubles, roughly equivalent to $4,300, following the crash, as required by Russian law.

The tragic event saw bystanders and witnesses attempting to help the passengers, and authorities are providing necessary assistance to the victims and their families. All search and rescue operations had concluded as of late Friday, while divers were continuing efforts to retrieve the bus from the river.

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