Brave Young Conservatives Tackle Deep State in Battle from Within!

The next generation of foot soldiers for former President Donald Trump is already gearing up for the long game. These dedicated supporters have learned that their mission involves wresting control of powerful federal agencies from career bureaucrats and placing them under the control of the American people. Politico reports that a group of young conservatives based in Washington D.C. is already taking action to accomplish this goal.

American Moment, a conservative organization founded in 2021 and supported by Republican Sen. J.D. Vance of Ohio, has set up its headquarters on Pennsylvania Avenue, east of the U.S. Capitol. The group’s mission, which should excite every anti-government conservative, is to take over the federal government, one junior staff position at a time.

American Moment is not only focused on practical concerns, such as building a database of talented young conservatives for future Republican administrations, but also on political principles. According to Politico, their long-term plan is to wage war on the so-called “deep state” and solidify the populist political revolt that began during the Trump administration.

However, this organization faces a significant challenge. Progressives have spent decades building an administrative state, and they have a deep love for government intervention in every aspect of people’s lives. Conservatives, on the other hand, prefer a less intrusive government. The uphill battle doesn’t stop there. Recruiting young conservatives can be difficult, as many young people are initially drawn to left-wing ideologies due to their lack of knowledge and the propaganda they encounter in universities. Nevertheless, recent evidence suggests that some young people are moving towards conservatism, offering hope for the cause.

American Moment also recognizes the challenges faced by the Trump administration in finding capable staff members. While some blame Trump’s inexperience, it is perplexing that he would appoint a war hawk like John Bolton despite opposing neoconservative foreign policy goals. To dislodge the deep state, American Moment will undoubtedly face a long and arduous fight.

The task at hand for American Moment is nothing short of historic. The Founding Fathers would surely be dismayed by the massive federal bureaucracy that has taken shape in Washington D.C. If American Moment is successful, it would mark a significant shift in power towards the American people and away from the entrenched bureaucracy. Their mission, while challenging, offers hope for conservatives looking to make lasting changes in the federal government.

Written by Staff Reports

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