Brotherly Accusations: Malik Obama Questions Barack’s Sexuality in Shock Tweet!

Malik Obama, the brother of Barack Obama, once again took to Twitter to make a shocking claim about his brother. Last month, Malik claimed that Barack was “definitely gay” in response to the former president’s statement against banning pornographic books for children. Barack Obama had written on Twitter that librarians are fighting to make a wide range of viewpoints and ideas available to everyone. Malik Obama believed this statement was evidence of his brother’s sexuality and tweeted, “This man is definitely gay.”

Malik did not stop there. In another tweet, he suggested that Barack “must be gay.” This tweet comes after a recent story revealed that the former president once wrote a letter to his ex-girlfriend in which he confessed to having sexual fantasies about other men. The letter, which is now in the possession of Emory University, was redacted, and one paragraph specifically related to homosexuality was withheld from the public.

It is not surprising that Malik Obama would use any opportunity to criticize his brother, especially in light of this new information. The truth is, we may never know the full extent of Barack Obama’s personal life, but it is clear that Malik is eager to exploit any perceived vulnerability. While it is unfair to make assumptions about someone’s sexuality based on limited information or personal beliefs, this is just another example of the divisive tactics employed by some individuals on social media.

Written by Staff Reports

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