Christie Braves Terror Zone: First GOP Hopeful in Israel Post-Attack

Chris Christie, the former governor of New Jersey, has made the decision to travel to Israel this upcoming weekend. He will be the first Republican presidential candidate to visit the state of Israel since the recent Hamas terrorist attack. Christie, age 61, disclosed his intentions at a town hall meeting held in Merrimack, New Hampshire. During his visit, he pledged to engage in meetings with representatives of the Israeli government, personnel of the Israel Defense Forces, and the bereaved families of individuals abducted by Hamas. Additionally, Christie intends to travel to the southern region of the country, in close proximity to the Gaza frontier.

Christie expressed his conviction that an individual aspiring to assume the presidency of the United States should not hesitate to fully engage in the situation in Israel. He emphasized the significance of tangibly supporting the Israeli people as a means of demonstrating leadership. The former governor of New Jersey was also critical of the Israeli intelligence community, claiming that it failed its citizenry by failing to anticipate the recent attack by Hamas.

Christie has previously ventured into a troubled region. During an unannounced visit to Ukraine in August, he paid his respects at a mass grave where Ukraine asserts Russian soldiers committed atrocities against civilians and conferred with President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Despite making concerted efforts to establish a global footprint, Christie is currently trailing his Republican opponents in the surveys, receiving an average of 2.6% support. Nevertheless, this journey has the potential to significantly impact Christie's campaign as he endeavors to bolster his standing on the international stage and establish his credentials in the realm of foreign policy.

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