McDaniel Claps Back at Ramaswamy’s GOP Blame Game!

Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel didn’t hold back when addressing the recent criticisms from GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy. McDaniel dismissed Ramaswamy’s comments as a ploy for attention, emphasizing his low polling numbers and the need for a “headline.” She made her statement during an appearance on Fox Business, asserting her strong position within the party.

Ramaswamy’s attacks didn’t stop at mere verbal jabs. During a televised debate in Miami, he directly targeted McDaniel, blaming her for the party’s losses in the recent elections. He went so far as to challenge her to resign while on stage, pointing to the GOP’s losses in various elections since she assumed her role as chair.

Furthermore, Ramaswamy’s disparaging remarks about the Republican Party’s loss in key contests, including Kentucky, Virginia, and Ohio, sparked deep concerns among party members. He labeled the party as “losers” and accused the Republican establishment of having a “cancer.”

In response, McDaniel refuted Ramaswamy’s assertions by clarifying the RNC’s scope of involvement. She stated that the committee primarily focuses on federal races, disassociating herself from the state-level races that were at the center of Ramaswamy’s criticisms. Additionally, she highlighted her contributions to the party, mentioning her success in delivering Michigan, winning back the House, and increasing Republican voter turnout.

Notably, McDaniel’s defense of her leadership didn’t deter others from voicing their discontent on social media. Former Fox News contributor Monica Crowley called for McDaniel’s immediate resignation, emphasizing her view of McDaniel’s ineffectiveness within the party. This sentiment was echoed by other critics on social media, including posts featuring unflattering images of McDaniel and urging for her removal from her position due to her familial ties to Senator Mitt Romney.

Despite the mounting pressure, McDaniel remained resolute in her defense, emphasizing her accomplishments and her commitment to the Republican Party’s success. Her unwavering stance sets the stage for a potential showdown within the GOP as the party gears up for the upcoming election cycle.



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