Tech Guardian Angel: Apple Watch Alerts OK Woman to Deadly Heart Issue!

An Oklahoma woman swears by her Apple Watch, claiming it saved her life back in January 2021 when it detected a heart issue that could have been fatal if left untreated. Judith Luebke received a notification from her trusty gadget that she was in A-fib, but being the tough cookie she is, she brushed it off as nothing serious due to her history of heart rate irregularities and the added stress of losing her spouse. Ah, the resilience of the heartland.

Despite her watch’s heroic efforts, Luebke considered putting off a doctor’s visit due to her jam-packed schedule, but her boss saw right through that excuse and demanded that she see a doctor immediately. And thank goodness for that, because not only did she receive a diabetes diagnosis, but doctors also found critically high blood sugars that could have spelled disaster if she had procrastinated any longer. Talk about a close call!

With a newfound appreciation for life and a keen sense of gratitude, Luebke decided to shoot off an email to none other than Apple CEO Tim Cook himself to express her gratitude for the life-saving technology. And guess what? Cook replied the same day, expressing his happiness that the Apple Watch had made such a life-changing impact. It’s like a heartwarming Hallmark movie, but with a Silicon Valley twist.

But wait, the feel-good story doesn’t end there. Luebke’s daughter, Shannon Bowers, also sang the praises of the watch, crediting it for her mother’s survival. It’s like a modern-day guardian angel wrapped around your wrist, keeping watch over your health and well-being.

And the cherry on top? Luebke declared that she’s never parting ways with her trusty smartwatch, vowing to keep it by her side at all times. Talk about brand loyalty! With her newfound lease on life, she’s determined to stay one step ahead of any potential health scares, all thanks to the nifty gadget that could.

Written by Staff Reports

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