Israel Defies Biden’s Weak Pleas, Fights Hamas on Own Terms!

Amid the Biden administration’s weak efforts to force Israel to pause its military operations in Gaza, Israel has decided to hold daily military pauses. This decision comes as Israel continues to defend itself against unprovoked attacks from the terrorist organization, Hamas. The Israel Defense Forces will now cease firing for four hours each day, allowing civilians to escape the clutches of the Hamas terrorists.

President Joe Biden, in his typical fashion of pressuring America’s allies while coddling its enemies, has been pestering Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for a cessation of military activities. Biden’s wishy-washy approach to foreign policy is nothing new. He’s been asking for a pause for ages, seemingly unwilling to acknowledge Israel’s right to defend itself.

The National Security Council’s spokesman, John Kirby, is another voice in the chorus of liberal concern, urging Israel to minimize civilian casualties. But let’s face it, Hamas is the real villain here. They are using innocent civilians as human shields, a despicable tactic that no one seems to want to address.

Hamas has launched thousands of rockets into Israel, causing widespread death and destruction. But the mainstream media doesn’t seem to care. They’d rather play the empathy card for the terrorists than acknowledge Israel’s right to self-defense.

The biased New York Times, always ready to throw Israel under the bus, has reported that American military leaders are advising Israel to use smaller bombs and be “more calculating and precise” in their targeting of Hamas. Really? Hamas fires rockets indiscriminately, putting Israelis of all ages at risk, yet Israel is being advised to be more precise. The hypocrisy is mind-boggling.

Despite the clear threat posed by Hamas, leftist lawmakers are demanding an immediate cease-fire. Once again, they’re showing their lack of understanding of the situation. Netanyahu has rightly rejected these demands, emphasizing that the fighting won’t stop until all the Hamas hostages are freed. And he’s absolutely right.

As Israel continues its campaign, the liberal media and leftist politicians want Israel to approach the situation with kid gloves. It’s a dangerous game they’re playing, and it’s clear whose side they’re on.

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Written by Staff Reports

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