DeSantis Saves 700 Americans; Media Downplays Heroic Feat!

In the aftermath of the third Republican presidential primary face-off, the liberal media once again tried to undermine the accomplishments of a conservative leader. This time, it was Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) who came under fire for his actions during the Israel-Hamas conflict. DeSantis boldly stated on stage that, under his leadership, he took decisive action to bring over 700 stranded Americans home from Israel, while criticizing President Joe Biden for his neglectful efforts in the matter.

The left-leaning NBC News, in an attempt to discredit DeSantis, rated his claim as “half true,” citing the involvement of the veteran-led nonprofit Project Dynamo in organizing transportation and the cost of the flights. Seriously, are we supposed to believe that DeSantis, who took swift and decisive action to rescue Americans, should be faulted for not personally piloting the planes? It’s absurd!


DeSantis signed an executive order authorizing Florida’s Division of Emergency Management to evacuate Americans from Israel, demonstrating his strong leadership and commitment to protecting the lives of Floridians and other American citizens. A total of four flights brought approximately 700 Americans safely back to Florida, thanks to the efforts of the Florida Department of Transportation and the support of Governor DeSantis.

The successful rescue operation, dubbed “Operation: Promised Land,” also received praise from the Consul General of Israel to Florida, who expressed gratitude for the special flights and supplies provided by DeSantis and his administration. Additionally, First Lady Casey DeSantis played a crucial role in facilitating aid through the Volunteer Florida Foundation and the Hope Florida Fund to support the relief efforts of Project Dynamo.

In conclusion, DeSantis’s claim that he saved American lives is undoubtedly true. His decisive actions and effective leadership led to the safe return of nearly 700 Americans from a volatile and dangerous situation. It’s clear that while DeSantis was taking concrete steps to protect American lives, the liberal media and establishment are all too eager to downplay his accomplishments and set a low bar for President Biden. It’s time to recognize real leadership and stop belittling the achievements of conservative leaders like Governor Ron DeSantis.

Written by Staff Reports

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