CNN Grovels for Telling Truth on Trans Activist: Pol Correctness Hijacks Journalism

In a shocking turn of events, a CNN anchor has been forced to apologize for committing the grave sin of speaking the truth about trans activist Dylan Mulvaney. It seems that even in the world of news reporting, political correctness reigns supreme.

During a segment on “CNN News Central,” correspondent Ryan Young had the audacity to refer to Mulvaney as “he” not once, but twice. Can you believe it? The horror! Apparently, acknowledging basic biological facts is now a cardinal sin in the eyes of the LGBTQ community.

Of course, this “misgendering” triggered an outrage among LGBTQ critics, who are always searching for something to be offended about. But what is truly alarming is that CNN itself had the audacity to apologize for Young’s factual statement.

Anchor Kate Bolduan, in an act of sheer cowardice, issued an apology on behalf of the entire network. She blamed the misstep on a “mistakenly referred to by the wrong pronouns,” as if using the correct pronouns based on a person’s biological reality is a crime.

It’s a sad day when the truth is silenced and political correctness prevails. The fact that CNN felt compelled to apologize for something as trivial as correctly identifying someone’s gender identity shows just how far we have fallen as a society.

But let’s not forget the real issue here – the continued boycott against Bud Light for their ill-advised partnership with Mulvaney. It’s no wonder that bars in Nashville, Tennessee, and Chicago, Illinois, are refusing to serve this controversial drink. People have had enough of corporations bowing down to the demands of the radical left and their LGBTQ agenda.

The apology from CNN is simply another example of the media’s bias and unwillingness to stand up for the truth. Instead of reporting the news objectively, they have become nothing more than a mouthpiece for the progressive agenda. It’s no wonder that more and more Americans are turning to alternative sources of news that actually value facts and impartiality.

In conclusion, the apology from CNN for Young’s accurate reporting on Dylan Mulvaney is not only unnecessary but also a sad reflection of the state of our society. It’s high time we stop cowering to the demands of political correctness and start embracing the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it may be for some.

Written by Staff Reports

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