Hunter’s Meltdown: Can’t Handle Trump’s Truth Bombs!

In a bid to silence the mighty Donald Trump, Hunter Biden and his thin-skinned legal team have sent a laughable cease-and-desist letter to the former president. Apparently, Trump’s extensive posts about Biden’s cracked-out lifestyle and the revelations from his infamous laptop have hit a nerve. But let’s be real, Hunter, the former VP’s son, is an easy target given his whacked-out life choices.

Hunter’s lawyer had the audacity to tell Trump to stop exercising his constitutional right to free speech, claiming that it could cause harm to the Biden family. Seriously? Are they suggesting that words can cause injuries now? It seems that Hunter Biden is the delicate snowflake here, or maybe his legal team is just too thin-skinned for their own good.

The attorney, Abbe Lowell, has gone as far as mentioning instances when he believes Trump’s language allegedly inspired violence. He gave examples like the January 6 Capitol attacks, the assault on Nancy Pelosi’s husband, and even a man arrested near the Obamas’ residence with firearms. What a reach! Blaming Trump for every unfortunate incident is becoming a tired and baseless argument from the left.

Furthermore, Lowell defended his client against accusations that cocaine found at the White House might belong to Hunter Biden, a recovering drug addict. The nerve! Does he expect us to believe that Hunter, with his troubled past, is above suspicion? Perhaps Lowell should focus on his client’s actions instead of trying to deflect blame onto Trump.

The truth is, the First Family is fair game for criticism and scrutiny. They are public figures who willingly stepped into the spotlight. And let’s not forget, both Trump and Biden have Secret Service protection. They are well-protected from any potential harm. Trying to twist the narrative as if Trump’s words could lead to violence is a feeble attempt to stifle a presidential candidate.

It’s evident that this letter is just a lame effort to muzzle Trump. The Biden crew wants to shut him up because they can’t handle the heat. But Trump will not be silenced. He has every right to speak his mind, especially when it comes to the actions of those in power.

So, toss that letter in the trash, Mr. Trump. It holds absolutely no merit, and its true intent is to suppress your voice. It may have brought a chuckle, but it’s nothing more than a desperate attempt from the fragile Biden camp. Let’s keep speaking the truth and exposing the liberal agenda, regardless of their feeble attempts to play the victim.

Written by Staff Reports

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