CNN’s Bash Blames America for Fatal Drone Strike. Biased Reporting Strikes Again!

In a tense exchange on CNN, Dana Bash took the deputy Pentagon press secretary, Sabrina Singh, to task over the recent fatal drone strike on an American military base. Bash wasted no time in questioning whether America’s deterrence efforts have failed. It’s clear that some people just can’t wait to blame America for any and every mishap that occurs in the world. But let’s take a step back and look at the facts.

The drone attack on a U.S. military base in Jordan resulted in the tragic loss of three troops and left 34 others wounded. This is undoubtedly a devastating event, and our thoughts and prayers go out to the families affected. However, it’s important to put this in perspective. Since October 17, Iranian-backed militias have launched numerous attacks on American bases across the Middle East, injuring 70 servicemembers. Yet, now it’s suddenly America’s fault that these attacks are happening? Talk about a blatant disregard for facts and an obsession with blaming the United States.

Bash’s question about whether U.S. deterrence policies have failed is just another attempt to undermine our military’s efforts. Of course, the deputy Pentagon press secretary had to tread carefully in her response, but the answer is clear: no, deterrence has not failed. Despite the tensions in the region, the conflict between Israel and Gaza has mostly been contained, and the attacks on U.S. servicemembers in Iraq and Syria have been largely unsuccessful. But guess what? They conveniently ignore these facts to push their narrative.

It’s worth noting that Iranian-backed militias have carried out over 150 attacks on American military forces since Hamas’ terrorist attack on Israel in October. That’s right, not even a mention of Hamas’ role in all of this. Instead, they’re focusing on blaming America for defending itself against aggression. This kind of biased reporting is precisely why people are losing trust in the mainstream media.

Thankfully, President Joe Biden has vowed to respond to these attacks, showing that he takes the safety of our servicemembers seriously. But it’s not just about the response; it’s about ensuring that our enemies understand that there will be consequences for their actions. The deputy press secretary refused to speculate about the president’s specific response, and she made the right call. We don’t need to lay out our playbook for our enemies to see. We need to keep them guessing and let them know that any attack on our forces will be met with a swift and decisive response.

It’s clear that there are those in the media who are more interested in playing politics than reporting the facts. They’re quick to blame America and question our deterrence policies without considering the full picture. It’s a shame, but it’s not surprising. This is the kind of biased reporting that we’ve come to expect from outlets like CNN. As conservatives, we must always be vigilant and question the narratives being pushed by the mainstream media. Only then can we uncover the truth and ensure that our military and our country are defended against those who seek to harm us.

Written by Staff Reports

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