CNN’s Debate Tactics Backfire Boosting Trump and Exposing Biden

A mainstream media giant like CNN, notorious for pushing leftist agendas and shady news coverage, tried to stack the deck in favor of President Joe Biden during the recent presidential debate. However, their plans backfired spectacularly, leaving them with egg on their faces and conservative Americans gleefully pointing and laughing.

As pointed out by conservative commentator Wendell Husebo, the debate setup clearly favored Biden. From the commercial breaks to the muted microphones (which conveniently remained unmuted for Biden) and the absence of a live audience, it was a blatant attempt to give Biden an advantage. It’s almost as if CNN was trying to make it easier for Biden to stay on script and avoid any embarrassing gaffes – which, let’s face it, are becoming increasingly common for the current occupant of the Oval Office.

While the media chatter is understandably focused on Biden’s lackluster performance and his struggles to string coherent sentences together, former President Donald Trump was the real winner of the debate. Trump managed to avoid any major slip-ups, presenting himself as composed and presidential – a stark contrast to the biased media's narrative.

By muting Trump’s microphone during Biden’s speaking time, CNN inadvertently prevented Trump from interrupting and appearing abrasive, as he had in previous debates. The absence of a live audience also worked in Trump’s favor, curbing his tendency to play to the crowd and allowing him to come across as more focused and dignified.

In their misguided attempts to undermine Trump, CNN helped him showcase his strengths and capitalize on key moments. Commercial breaks became opportunities for Americans to reflect on the sorry state of Biden’s mental acuity, further boosting Trump’s image.

Despite Trump’s natural charisma and ability to debunk media-driven conspiracy theories, he is not without his flaws. However, thanks to CNN’s ill-conceived efforts, Trump emerged unscathed from the debate with a clear victory. Meanwhile, Biden’s already shaky political career seems to be careening towards its final act, much to the delight of conservatives watching the spectacle unfold.

Written by Staff Reports

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