Cohen’s Weak Testimony May Clear Trump in Court Case

Mainstream media outlets are unsure if former President Donald Trump will be found guilty after new information was revealed during Michael Cohen’s testimony. One CNN analyst believes that Cohen’s testimony actually helped Trump’s case.

During the trial, Cohen appeared nervous and contradicted himself several times. This made his credibility come into question. The District Attorney may have made a mistake by relying on Cohen to incriminate Trump, as it seems to have had the opposite effect.

Some experts believe that Cohen’s weak performance may not be enough to secure a conviction against Trump. They suggest that there is still a strong possibility that Trump could be acquitted.

Following the testimony, President Trump spoke outside the court and criticized the trial as a scam. He was supported by Republican allies, including Rep. Matt Gaetz. Trump’s appearance at the trial has also attracted other politicians who may have aspirations for higher office.

The judge has indicated that closing arguments could begin soon, potentially leading to jurors deciding the case shortly after. If the trial concludes with Cohen being seen as untrustworthy, it could sway the jury in Trump’s favor.

Overall, it appears that the case against Trump may be weakening, and some believe that Cohen’s testimony may have actually backfired. This could be seen as vindication for Trump and his supporters who have long argued that he is being unfairly targeted.

Written by Staff Reports

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Cohen’s Weak Testimony May Clear Trump in Court Case