Confirmed! Unimpeachable Source Reveals Biden as the ‘Big Guy’ in Scandal

A new report further proves that Joe Biden was involved in his son's shady business dealings in other countries. As the report shows, the president's brother Frank Biden called him the "Big Guy" more than once while working for Federal Signal Corporation, an industrial manufacturing business. The talks would often get cut short when Frank Biden said he had to take a call from "the Big Guy." This is strong proof that Joe Biden was often called that, and not just by his son Hunter. Other people also called him that.

That Joe Biden's brother called him the "Big Guy" gives Hunter Biden's email even more weight, in which he talks about setting away "10 percent" of the money from a deal with a company connected to the Chinese Communist Party for the "Big Guy." It's getting harder and harder to think that someone other than Joe Biden was being talked about.

As a Republican who writes right news, I think it's important to note that this new information makes people wonder if there is a record of payments to the president. There may not be any bank records because the Bidens like to keep things secret, but there are other ways to move money around without leaving a paper trail. There are a lot of fake companies, which makes people even more suspicious.

Also, the fact that Joe Biden had "unexplained income" of about $5 million before he became president is something that needs to be looked into further. As more and more proof comes in against the Biden family, Democrats and the media's defenses and excuses become more and more silly. We can see that there is a lot of smoke here. We need to keep digging to find the truth.

Written by Staff Reports

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