Heritage Battles Biden for Truth Behind ‘Extremist’ Parent Group Claims

The Heritage Foundation is taking action and standing up for parents’ rights by suing the Biden administration on behalf of the Moms for Liberty group. Heritage’s Oversight Project is demanding records from various federal agencies regarding their communication about Moms for Liberty. These brave parents have been unjustly labeled an extremist group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), and the Biden administration seems determined to target them.

Mike Howell, the director of the Oversight Project, boldly declares, “President Biden needs to leave the moms alone.” He emphasizes that these parents are the only thing standing between the government and our children. It is clear that the Biden administration sees these parents as a threat to their agenda, and they will stop at nothing to suppress their voices.

The Heritage Foundation has already attempted to obtain records through Freedom of Information Act requests, but they were denied. Now, they are taking their fight to court to demand records from departments such as Justice, Homeland Security, Health and Human Services, and the FBI. They suspect that there may have been coordination between these agencies and the SPLC regarding Moms for Liberty’s extremist designation.

The SPLC’s description of Moms for Liberty as a far-right extremist group is highly questionable. While the SPLC claims that Moms for Liberty opposes LGBTQ+ and racially inclusive school curriculum, it is clear that their main concerns lie in protecting parental rights and opposing public health regulations imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is concerning to see an organization like the SPLC having such influence and potentially coordinating with federal agencies to harass concerned parents.

The consequences of the SPLC’s extremist label have already impacted Moms for Liberty. The group had to cancel an event at the Italian Community Center in Milwaukee after a reporter, seemingly tipped off by the SPLC, contacted the center. It is evident that the SPLC’s characterization has put a target on the backs of these parents who just want to exercise their free speech rights and be involved in their children’s education.

The Biden administration and these federal agencies must be held accountable for their actions. Why are they refusing to comply with public records requests? What are they trying to hide? It is essential for the truth to come to light and for parents’ rights to be protected. Moms for Liberty, a group dedicated to defending parental rights, deserves our support and respect.

Written by Staff Reports

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