Democrats Push Ethics Bill Targeting Conservative Justices Through Senate

For the past few weeks, Democratic Senators Dick Durbin and Sheldon Whitehouse have been fiercely targeting conservative justices on the U.S. Supreme Court, such as Justice Samuel Alito. Both senators, who sit on the Senate Judiciary Committee, are leading this effort from powerful positions. Durbin, in addition to being the chairman of the committee, is also the majority whip in the Senate. On Wednesday, Durbin plans to bring a bill aimed at the ethics of the Supreme Court to the Senate floor. However, it is expected that the bill will fail to pass unanimously.

Senator Durbin indicated that Democrats will try to move the ethics bill, which he co-authored with Senator Whitehouse, through unanimous consent on Wednesday. However, it is highly likely that a Republican senator will block this attempt. Durbin mentioned that there might be new evidence related to ethics at the Court, particularly regarding gifts taken by some of the justices that were not reported. Democrats have been urging for a vote on the ethics bill, especially as Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer continues to push for votes on important issues to put Republicans on record.

This move comes amidst criticism from conservative media that the recent recording of Justice Alito and Chief Justice John Roberts at the Supreme Court’s Historical Society’s annual dinner, as reported by Rolling Stone, was a misleading attack. The recording, secretly made by Lauren Windsor, has been deemed as inappropriate by some. It is argued that the recording does not indicate any wrong conduct by the justices.

Constitutional law attorney Curt Levey expressed that Durbin and Whitehouse’s actions seem to be motivated by upcoming Court decisions that Democrats may not favor. He suggested that the timing of the bill’s introduction, coupled with the recent release of the recording and the end of the Court’s term, indicates an attempt to preemptively discredit decisions not aligned with the Democrats’ interests. Levey also highlighted that the bill would likely not pass, and instead serves as a statement to undermine the Court’s ethics.

Moreover, Senators Durbin and Whitehouse have been seeking to bring attention to perceived ethical issues surrounding conservative justices through various means, including past conduct of the justices and their participation in Court decisions. Additionally, there are reports that suggest Democrats are looking to tie ethics-related bills to Court funding in spending bills, a move that has generated concern from conservative groups.

In conclusion, the actions taken by Senators Durbin and Whitehouse to advance an ethics bill targeting conservative justices on the Supreme Court are viewed by conservatives as a partisan effort to undermine the Court’s integrity. These efforts are seen as a response to upcoming Court decisions and are met with skepticism about their motives and potential consequences.

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