Democrats Whisper Concerns Over Biden’s Mental Decline Amid Reelection Doubts

Unless Joe Biden somehow rewinds the clock twenty years and miraculously regains his mental faculties, Americans can expect more alarming stories about his rapidly deteriorating condition. The media, which used to act like his personal cheerleaders, now can’t defend him without appearing as absurd as North Korean propagandists. Even New York Magazine’s Olivia Nuzzi, previously a Biden sympathizer, penned a scathing exposé revealing the president’s troubling memory lapses, such as forgetting the names of longtime friends. Attendees of high-end Democratic events whispered their concerns, questioning Biden’s ability to run for re-election in 2024.

Nuzzi’s piece is filled with accounts from scores of Democrats and family friends who privately express the brutal reality of Biden’s decline. These insiders, speaking anonymously, painted a picture of elaborate strategies the White House employs to avoid embarrassing gaffes during public appearances. Staffers are reportedly tasked with the unenviable job of keeping the president from making a fool of himself, a job that now constitutes a substantial portion of event attendees.

When top Democratic donors and reporters gather at these secretive events, the atmosphere is reminiscent of a high-stakes guessing game about the president’s capabilities. There’s an air of fear, loaded with hushed conversations and widened eyes as if acknowledging Biden’s mental state openly would somehow crash the entire Democratic Party. Those who interact with him are left disturbed, often questioning if Biden is even the one making the crucial decisions of a sitting president.

Longtime family friends and White House guests were horrified when President Biden failed to remember names or even stay attentive through basic social interactions. After witnessing such incidents, some guests admitted they might be unable to cast their votes for him again. They were warming up to the notion—once dismissed as right-wing conspiracy—that Biden may not actually be in control. The layers of bureaucracy around him have grown so thick it’s clear the man is more spoken for than speaking.

Democratic mega-donors have witnessed the president nodding blankly until prompted by the First Lady to greet them by name and thank them, showcasing just how dire the situation has become. This recurring pattern of decline has left everyone, from liberal elites to fervent Trump supporters, questioning who’s really in charge. Such speculations have blurred ideological lines, with even elite liberals sounding more like QAnon believers, convinced there’s a secret group controlling the president and planning his replacement.

Despite initial attempts by Biden’s campaign to spin the post-debate narrative—claiming Trump had a bad night—the polling clearly showed otherwise. Trump was gaining ground in key battleground states, and progressive polling firms revealed a grim reality: a substantial drop in Biden’s support. As calls for Biden to drop out grow louder, it’s clear that the Democratic Party is in crisis, teetering on the edge of a poorly kept secret that everyone seems hesitant to address, lest they risk the future of their own political survival.

Written by Staff Reports

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