Biden Stays in 2024 Race Despite Rising Calls from Top Democrats to Step Down

Joe Biden is defiant in the face of growing concerns over his cognitive abilities as he declares his intention to stay in the 2024 race. Despite calls from within his own party for him to step aside, including from Democratic Representatives Lloyd Doggett and Raúl Grijalva, Biden remains resolute. The pressure seems to be coming not just from politicians, but also from major Democratic donors who are voicing their discontent.

Top Democrat donor Whitney has already publicly urged Biden to bow out and criticized him for “deceiving the American people.” The backlash is gaining momentum, with heiress Abigail Disney vowing to withhold contributions to the party unless Biden is replaced at the top of the ticket. Disney even went as far as suggesting that supporting Kamala Harris as the Democratic nominee is a necessity, painting those who do not as potentially racist or sexist.

The discontent is not isolated to individual donors as Gideon Stein, president of the Moriah Fund, announced his decision to pause over $3 million in planned donations to political organizations aligned with the presidential race if Biden does not step aside. The sentiment is echoed by other major donors who see a change in candidate as essential for Democratic victory in 2024. 


The push to replace Biden comes at a time when potential alternatives like Kamala Harris are also facing challenges in gaining popularity with the electorate. Recent polls indicate that Harris, along with other speculated replacements, would also struggle against former President Donald Trump in a hypothetical matchup. With donors wielding significant influence in political campaigns, Biden may find himself in a precarious position if financial support begins to wane. The message being sent is clear – the Democratic Party may need to reevaluate its stance if it hopes to secure victory in the upcoming election.

Written by Staff Reports

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