Dems Beg for Biden-RFK Jr Showdown; Age Concerns Loom Over President

A recent poll by the Trafalgar Group/Convention of States Action reveals that a vast majority of Democratic voters want President Joe Biden and Robert F Kennedy Jr (RFK) to engage in a political debate ahead of the 2024 presidential primaries. While the Democrats are still reeling from criticism over their decision to not hold any debates for the 2024 primaries, 57.5% of Democratic voters want to see a debate between the two candidates. Republican and non-affiliated voters show an even larger percentage of support for such a debate.

According to the Real Clear Politics (RCP), Biden and Kennedy currently stand at 62% and 15.6% support, respectively, and author Marianne Williamson has 6.1%. Such polls indicate that RFK Jr is gaining momentum at an alarming rate, and the Democratic Party seems to be at a loss on how to tackle the situation.

Furthermore, a significant number of voters believe that Joe Biden is too old to serve a second term, with an overwhelming majority of Republicans, non-affiliated voters, and 70.7% of the entire population sharing the sentiment. Surprisingly, only 29.3% of Democratic voters believe that President Biden’s age is an issue.

As the 2024 presidential primaries draw near, RFK Jr’s support only continues to grow. Earlier this month, he received an endorsement from Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey who believes that the presidential candidate has the best chance to beat the GOP’s leading contenders.

Considering the scenario in the traditional first-to-vote states of Iowa and New Hampshire, it appears likely that Joe Biden will lose at least the first two primaries to RFK Jr. However, as a certainty, Biden will still be the Democratic nominee and that’s the only silver lining for the Democrats. If the Democratic Party does not move forward with the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries as planned, Robert F Kennedy Jr or another long-shot democrat candidate could end up embarrassing the Party. The stakes are high, and all eyes are on the results of the upcoming primaries.

Written by Staff Reports

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