Dems Double Down on Hillary’s Bizarre Claims that Right Wingers will Steal 2024 Election

Sean Patrick Maloney, the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign committee, defended Hillary Clinton's claim that the 2024 presidential election could be stolen. He made the allegation on CBS' "Face The Nation."

According to Clinton, right-wing extremist groups are already planning to steal the presidential election in 2024. She noted that the Supreme Court could soon give states the power to overturn the results of elections.

If this happens, she noted that the presidential election in 2024 could be decided by the legislature of the states, which would be controlled by Republicans.

The CBS host asked if Clinton's statements were helpful in addressing the political climate. According to Maloney, both parties should ensure that the voting process is conducted in a fair manner.

In response, he criticized Republicans for their attempts to suppress the results of the elections. He noted that one side has been continuously trying to make false claims about the results of the elections, such as the one about Joe Biden.


Written by Staff Reports

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