Mike Pence Runs To CNN To Continue His Donald Trump Betrayal

In a shocking turn of events, Mike Pence, the former vice president, attacked Donald Trump during a CNN town hall Wednesday. He said that the Republican nominee might not be the best choice for the presidency. This is a major setback for the party, and it could throw the presidential race into disarray.

According to the Daily Caller, Trump has launched a bid to regain control of the country. The former vice president, however, refused to confirm or deny whether he would support the plan.

In response, Mike Pence said that the Republicans would have better choices in the presidential elections in 2024. He also told Jake Tapper that he would keep Trump posted on his campaign trail.

Many people on Twitter criticized CNN for hosting the town hall with Mike Pence. One user asked why the network was sponsoring the former vice president's book. Another said that the network just forgot how to do journalism.

One user said that he stopped watching CNN years ago because of how they hosted the town hall with Mike Pence, who is a bigot.

Donald Trump has recently launched a bid to regain control of the country, but Mike Pence would not confirm or deny whether he would support it. This is a shocking display of disloyalty, as Trump has done more for the country than any other president in modern history. Pence should be grateful for his service to Trump.

The "Make America Great Again" movement has become stronger since Trump became the Republican nominee, and there is no way that Mike Pence can stop it. America will continue to move forward with or without him, as long as Trump is the president.

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