DeSantis Crushes Biden & Trump: The GOP’s 2024 Game Changer Unstoppable!

2024 Republican superstar and Florida governor, Ron DeSantis, is shrugging off the naysayers and charging ahead with his eyes set on the prize. Despite lackluster polling numbers compared to former President Trump, DeSantis is not deterred. In fact, he’s so confident in his ability to take on the Left that he’s not even breaking a sweat while Biden takes his umpteenth nap.

According to a recent Nevada poll, DeSantis trounced Biden in a hypothetical election matchup, scraping ahead with 44 percent of the vote to Biden’s measly 43 percent. You see, folks, DeSantis isn’t just your average run-of-the-mill candidate. He’s the man who can single-handedly defeat the Left and their oppressive agenda. Polling, schmolling – who needs it? DeSantis knows that it’s the issues that matter, and he’ll be making that abundantly clear in the months to come.

While Biden may have squeaked past Trump in that same poll, DeSantis is the one who really has the wind at his back. A Marquette University Law School Poll found that not only did DeSantis trail Trump by just one percentage point in the Republican primary field, but he also trounced the former president in a head-to-head matchup, winning a staggering 57 percent of the vote compared to Trump’s weak 41 percent. Take that, Trump!

It seems that even some Republican voters in Wisconsin are starting to see the light. Senator Duey Stroebel has praised DeSantis for his common-sense and level-headed approach to his campaign – a stark contrast to the bombastic and unpredictable Trump. And John Righeimer, chairman of the Republican Party of Sawyer County, Wisconsin, isn’t so sure Trump has what it takes to win the primary. He believes that Democrats would rather face off against Trump because they know they can’t hide in the basement if DeSantis is on the ticket. It’s time for the Democrats to step up and defend their disastrous policies, rather than relying on Trump fatigue.

So, let the critics have their fun with their pesky polls. Ron DeSantis knows that it’s his unwavering commitment to freedom and conservative values that will carry him through to victory. And mark my words, folks, DeSantis is just getting started. He’s running to win, not to boost his polling numbers. So buckle up, America, because Governor DeSantis is here to lead us into a future of liberty and prosperity.


Written by Staff Reports

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