Even legal experts are calling for Biden’s impeachment after whistleblower bombshell

In a recent appearance on Sean Hannity’s show, legal expert Gregg Jarrett called for Joe Biden’s impeachment following the disclosure of an unclassified whistleblower note. According to the disclosure, Biden is linked to a criminal bribery scheme with a foreign national. This latest revelation, coupled with other alleged shady dealings involving Biden and his son Hunter, has only strengthened calls for Biden’s impeachment.

Jarrett, who is an expert in legal matters, emphasized that the document directly implicates Joe Biden in a criminal scheme involving the exchange of money for policy decisions. This revelation, along with other damning evidence of Biden’s potential involvement in corrupt deals, puts his presidency in serious jeopardy.

Jarrett pointed out that the accusations leveled against Biden rise to the level of impeachment, given their serious nature. The Constitution stipulates that the President can be removed from office for “treason and bribery,” and given the allegations against Biden, he must be held accountable.

In a bombshell development, an email obtained by JustTheNews suggested that former Acting CIA Director Mike Morell went to great lengths to help Joe Biden win the 2020 election. The email, which was sent by former CIA Director Mike Morrell to Obama-era CIA Chief John Brennan, shows that the letter signed by 51 intelligence agents stating that the Hunter Biden laptop story was disinformation was a calculated political move to help Biden win.

According to investigations by journalist John Solomon, the purpose of the letter was to provide Biden with “talking points” during his debates with Donald Trump. This latest revelation only serves to confirm that the letter was a political dirty trick orchestrated in collaboration with the Biden campaign.

The allegations of illicit dealings against Joe Biden are not new. Hunter Biden’s laptop is filled with evidence of lucrative deals in which he traded on his father’s name to sell access and promised future influence. Sadly, many in the mainstream media and on the left have been dismissive of these allegations and have refused to give them serious attention. However, the evidence is so compelling that it cannot be ignored.

The only question that remains is whether Rep. Comer will be able to obtain the alleged smoking gun document. Jarrett is skeptical, citing the shameful track record of the DOJ and FBI in concealing damning records. He fears that they may classify the document to avoid releasing it.

If the allegations against Joe Biden are true, then the American people have a right to know the truth. The Biden administration has been plagued by scandal since day one, and if these latest allegations arise, they will further undermine the credibility of the President and his administration. It is time for Joe Biden to come clean about his alleged wrongdoing and face the consequences of his actions.

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