Ex-ESPN Host Reveals Shocking Reason Behind Biden’s Basement Hideout!

In a recent podcast interview, former ESPN host Sage Steele spoke out against President Joe Biden’s cognitive decline and labeled him a “terrible president.” Steele recounted a 2021 interview she conducted with the 80-year-old president, describing it as one of the “saddest things” she has experienced. According to Steele, Biden appeared confused and struggled to finish his sentences, which is similar to his performance now, two years older. This revelation sheds new light on Biden’s mental state and raises concerns about his ability to fulfill the responsibilities of the presidency.

Steele further elaborated that the interview took place remotely, with technical issues complicating the conversation. She mentioned that a black curtain covered the camera lens on Biden’s end, preventing her from seeing him until the very last second before going live. The fact that Biden seemed unsure about the purpose of the interview and even forgot the name of his interviewer, according to Steele, is disheartening and raises questions about his mental acuity. It is troubling to witness the president of the United States physically and mentally decline before our eyes, yet the Democratic Party continues to utilize him as their puppet.

Additionally, Steele recalled that during the technical difficulties, Biden felt compelled to share stories about his football career, asserting his own greatness. Steele found this behavior to be rather peculiar, especially considering her inability to see him throughout the conversation. She also connected this behavior to Biden’s choice to remain in the basement throughout the election cycle, suggesting that it was due to his inability to string together coherent thoughts and finish sentences.

It is worth noting that Steele did not vote for Biden and holds a negative opinion of him, stating that he has not achieved anything beneficial for the country. In contrast, she revealed that she voted for former President Donald Trump, highlighting her support for his policies and commitments to national security and the economy. This political preference aligns with broader public opinion, as surveys indicate that a majority of Americans disapprove of Biden’s job performance and have reservations about his ability to serve another four years. These findings underscore the concerns raised by Steele and reflect a growing sentiment among both Democrats and Republicans regarding Biden’s fitness for office.

In conclusion, Steele’s revelations about Biden’s cognitive decline and his performance during their interview paint a troubling picture of the president’s mental state. The fact that he struggled to finish sentences and appeared confused is deeply concerning for someone holding such a high-level position of authority. Moreover, the disparity in public opinion regarding Biden’s job performance further emphasizes the widespread doubts about his capabilities. As the leader of the free world, it is crucial that the president possesses the mental clarity and acumen required to make sound decisions for the betterment of the nation.

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