Trump Mulls Over Capitol Hill Visit Amid Speaker-Less Congress Chaos!

Former President Donald Trump is thinking about going to Washington, D.C., while he's still running for office. Some people say the trip could happen as soon as Tuesday, but there isn't a firm plan yet. The House of Representatives still doesn't have a speaker because Rep. Kevin McCarthy was voted out. Trump has already planned trips to Iowa and New Hampshire, so he must be very busy these days. Not to mention the scam trial in New York. We see this man all the time!

Things are about to get interesting now. That is why Rep. Troy Nehls, who did not vote to remove McCarthy, is suggesting Trump as a possible speaker. He also says that a number of other Republican representatives back him. These lawmakers clearly want someone who will change things and bring real conservative ideas to the table. The people Nehls named did not vote to get rid of McCarthy, so it looks like they want a new start.

The interesting thing is that Trump hasn't said yes or no to being speaker. Like always, he's keeping everyone wondering. Don't count on him endorsing anyone for the job either. He is being calm and letting the Republicans fight among themselves.

As of January's messy election confirmation, we haven't seen Trump on Capitol Hill in a while. He lost that one to Vice President Joe Biden, right? Of course, that one. Since then, Trump has been charged by the federal government with meddling in the race. We'll see what happens since he pleaded not guilty.

In the meantime, Reps. Jim Jordan and Steve Scalise have both put their names forward to be speaker. To all of you Republicans, it's a race to the finish line.

Written by Staff Reports

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