Exposed: Hunter Biden’s Price Tag for Family Access!

Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, referred to selling access to his father as “the keys” to “my family’s only asset,” according to messages released by the House Ways and Means Committee. These messages were obtained from Hunter Biden’s iCloud backup and confirm the testimony of Devon Archer, who stated that Hunter Biden traveled the world selling access to the Biden “brand.” It is alarming to see that the President’s own son saw his father’s position as a business opportunity.

The Biden family business allegedly earned millions of dollars through shell companies in countries like China, Romania, and Ukraine, and the Justice Department tried to cover it up. The committee’s investigation revealed that whenever the investigation might implicate actions taken by Joe Biden, there was a strong effort to protect him. Documents obtained by the committee also showed that associates of the Biden family had direct access to the White House and Joe Biden’s advisors, emphasizing the close ties between the Biden administration and their business endeavors.

Furthermore, an email between Hunter Biden and a CNN producer revealed that Hunter expected all the scrutiny around him to disappear once his father became President. This is a clear abuse of power and shows a disregard for the rule of law. The committee also released information suggesting that Hunter Biden’s lawyer may have committed campaign finance violations, but the Department of Justice ignored the allegation. It is concerning to see how easily the Biden family’s wrongdoing is overlooked or dismissed.

The evidence presented by the House Ways and Means Committee points to a pattern of corruption and shady business dealings involving the Biden family. These revelations raise serious questions about the Justice Department’s handling of Hunter Biden’s case and its attempts to protect the President and his son. It is crucial that these allegations are thoroughly investigated, and the American public deserves transparency and accountability from their leaders.

The fact that the IRS whistleblowers came forward to expose these issues demonstrates the importance of speaking up against wrongdoing. It is commendable that the committee is taking these allegations seriously and shedding light on the Biden family’s questionable activities. President Biden must address these allegations and provide an explanation to the American people. The taxpayers deserve to know the truth and have confidence that their elected officials are acting in their best interest, not their own personal gain. This is just another example of the need for stronger ethics laws and tighter restrictions on politicians and their families.

Written by Staff Reports

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