Hidden Truths: Why Was DOJ So Slow to Charge Hunter Biden?

Gary Shapley, a conservative whistleblower, has revealed a strategic move by the Biden Justice Department. It appears that they possessed substantial evidence to determine whether to press charges against Hunter Biden but conveniently opted to delay their decision until after the 2022 midterms. Based on Shapley's meeting notes from discussions between investigators and prosecutors, the choice to defer charging until after the election was motivated by a desire to avoid causing harm to their own cause. The exact meaning of "shooting themselves in the foot" remains somewhat unclear, but it strongly suggests a reluctance to take any action that could potentially damage the Democratic Party, which they favor.

Shapley and his fellow whistleblower, Ziegler, strongly objected to this decision, doing so through various means such as email communications and in-person protests. However, they were eventually removed from the case unceremoniously in May. The Justice Department's motives for dragging their feet on this matter seem quite apparent: political bias. This is especially evident when examining the favorable plea deal they were prepared to offer Hunter Biden before Shapley and Ziegler intervened, effectively disrupting their plans. The DOJ seemed intent on avoiding any perception of partisanship and assisting the Republicans, thus choosing inaction instead. However, their strategy ultimately backfired, as the public now sees through their political maneuvering.

Adding to the controversy, they appointed David Weiss as a special counsel, further complicating the situation. Weiss had previously been the US attorney responsible for the failed plea deal and conveniently allowed some of the most severe tax charges against Hunter Biden to expire under the statute of limitations. This raises suspicions of a cover-up. With Weiss's special counsel appointment, House Republicans are unable to inquire about any of these matters, effectively shielding their questionable actions from public scrutiny. It is a blatant attempt to keep their questionable dealings hidden from the public eye.

In summary, the Biden Justice Department decided to postpone charging Hunter Biden until after the midterms primarily to protect their allies in the Democratic Party, showcasing yet another instance of the deep-seated political bias within the DOJ. Nonetheless, the truth tends to surface eventually, and now the public has a clearer understanding of their true motivations – a desire to avoid harming the Democrats. This revelation has been apparent for some time now.

Written by Staff Reports

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