Failure Reigns: Johnson Deems Biden’s Policies Unsuccessful, US on Brink!

In a candid interview on "Hannity," House Speaker Mike Johnson didn't mince words when expressing his dissatisfaction with President Joe Biden's tenure thus far. Johnson stated that there was "almost no policy" on which he would agree with the president. While acknowledging that his initial meeting with Biden was "cordial and pleasant," he made it abundantly clear that he does not view this administration as a success.

When asked if he could identify one area where Biden had done a "really good job," Johnson firmly responded that he couldn't. He attributed the myriad of problems to policy choices and labeled Biden's presidency as a failure. He stressed that his disagreements with the president were rooted in philosophical differences rather than personal animosity.

During the interview, Johnson also addressed critical issues such as the border crisis and the state of the economy. He outlined his plans for effectively leading the House and expressed his determination to steer the country in a direction that aligns with conservative principles. While a political clash appears to be on the horizon between Johnson and Biden, the congressman emphasized his respect for the office of the presidency and his commitment to fulfilling his duties accordingly.




Written by Staff Reports

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